7.4.2 MRMC - Prestige 55
Prestige 55 (best deal ever) (find this by doing a search on the MRMC site above.
A prestigious program developed exclusively for our community residents 55 years and older, linked to Munroe Regional Medical Center.
$25 LIFETIME fee
This hospital-based program is designed to keep our community healthy and active by offering a unique blend of activities, programs and Munroe Regional VIP member services.
A wide variety of health-related seminars, wellness screenings, fitness programs, social and leisure services are scheduled weekly for members. In addition to the many program offerings, each member is eligible to register for a free prescription drug card, an annual flu vaccination, eye and hearing screening, facility tour and program orientation luncheon.
The newsletter, "Words to the Wise," mailed quarterly, is a comprehensive listing of Prestige 55 program offerings, and a calendar of events.
Prestige 55 is about celebrating life! Join the thousands of Marion County residents who are taking advantage of the excellent services offered at Munroe Regional Medical Center.
For more information, please call the MRMC Volunteer and Senior Services department at (352) 671-2153.
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